How much love is in your destiny ?

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Friends have a saying in English love is life! Everybody wants to know how his love life will be! If there is a lack of money in the life of a human being then life still passes but if there is a lack of love then life becomes useless! So talk about such a topic! If you have a cross on the master mountain in your hand, there are lines on Venus and Mars, and the fortune line is added to the Guru Mountains. The heart line is a sudor, a branch of the heart line, the master mountain is added, the marriage line should be beautiful, the index finger should be long, the Venus should be advanced, the moon gets elevated, such people get love in life! If Venus is pressed then there will be a lack of desire in the person! If the person’s hand is hard, Venus is very advancedVenus or moon is a trace of the trace; the brain line has gone towards the moon; a branch from the fate line has gone out towards Venus, the fate line is broken, the heart line should be only Saturn, the whole or the shortest Venus ring in hand Yes, the star on the heart line, the thumb is loose, or the Wrapped close, fingers are thin and angle door, such people are more vulnerable than the limits! If a person’s thumb appears in the origin of thumb, then such a person gets a fateful child! If Venus is flat and the heart line is thin then there is no lack of love in such a person’s life! If a fate of the fate line begins with the lunar mountain, the island And if there is a second line parallel to the marriage line, such people make an illegal connection in life! If a person passes from the lower Mars to some other moon, then such people hate marriage! If there is an island on the mountain of Venus, and a line from that island is coming out to the marriage line on the brain line brain line Saturn Go to the bite or heart line, if one branch of the brain line goes upwards then such a person loves secretly! If the last part of the brain line is contaminated, a branch of the Mars line should be cut into the Sunline, or the marriage line or heart line, or Dangers in the wheel! If there is one or two Venus in the hand, the thumb is weak, the heart line is contaminated, the finger is pointed, the lower the mercury, the horizontal lines, the mark on the Saturn mountain, the mark on the mountain, the mark of the fast, a line from the moon Cut out the fate line, or mark the island on that line, if any such mark appears in hand, then it happens ! If there is a trace mark on Saturn mountain and the marriage line is tilted towards the heart line then the person’s life partner will be sick! If the island is visible on the mercury without these marks, then the life partner of such a person is mentally ill! If the heart line or the red sesame on the brain line, the master mountain should be elevated and there is a cross mark on it, or on the horizontal lines, or fatethe maternal marriage of the person If the line goes from Chandra Mountain and goes to Saturn mountain then in this way, Jataka love marries! If the marriage line goes upwards and the island is on it, the Venus line should be cut into the line of life or Venus in the hand, there is a mark of a star, cross or trap on the mountain of Venus, there is a line from the holy mountain to the Guru mountain, The island on the brain line, the heart line is chained, the Venus Mount lifted too much, the star or the cross in the thumb, the star marks on the first festival of the index finger, the finger and the thumb are flexible Or any line from Venus to Mercury, chained on the heart of the heart line and fate line, such people give special place for washing in the life and make many relationships! If the Venus mountain looks advanced, such a person is the center of attraction of the opposite sex! If Venus is getting the start of the fate line from the moon line, then the love of such a person has to face violence and opposition! If there is a line from Venus cutting the brain line, the heart line, then everything is wasted in the love of the Jatak, and yet, in the end, it has to face failure in love! Continuous in the next section

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